Research Administration

Research Administration works closely with PIs, the Office of Sponsored Projects, and Extramural Funds Accounting to provide overall administrative support including, but not limited to, the following functions.

  • Reviewing proposal budgets to see that the amounts budgeted seem reasonable for the various types of projected expenditures.
  • Reviewing and approving all transactions involving the commitment of grant funds. Providing regular financial summaries and projections of expenditures to PIs.
  • Consulting with PIs to determine how best to meet their changing financial needs.
  • Ensuring that all transactions are in accordance with terms and conditions of the award and with university policy.
  • Reviewing and tracking cost sharing and/or matching fund commitments set forth in the proposal and making recommendations to the Dean; providing cost-sharing information to Extramural Funds for reporting purposes.
  • Assisting with the closing of grants.

As a general resource, you should use this page to assist you in locating information in regards to various accounting questions, procedures, forms and guidelines in conjunction with your assigned research analyst and the business office.

Research Administration Staff

Location: 3rd Floor, Baskin School Of Engineering
Mail Stop: BSOE/BO
Fax: (831) 459-1393

  • Robin MacAngus
    Research Administration Manager
    Baskin Engineering, Room 325
    7:30am to 4pm M-F
  • Sandy Ashley
    Research Analyst
    Baskin Engineering, Room 327
  • Tulin Childs
    Research Analyst
    Baskin Engineering, Room 329
  • Betsy Love Neuman
    Assistant Director of Finance
    Genomics Institute
    Westside Research Park
    2300 Delaware, Santa Cruz
    Office A275A
    Monday - Friday

Research Administration Tools

Faculty Salary Exchange Program


Enhancing the reputation and the coffers of the campus often requires providing entertainment to guests, visitors, and students. Understanding how to properly spend university funds for meals, refreshments, and other entertainment expenses can help to ensure a trouble-free account and payment of these expenses.

University policy and federal A-21 guidelines require that we use the following criteria when approving your entertainment expenses for business related entertainment and business meetings:

Meals are only allowable if they are indispensable to the project and the following conditions apply:

1. Meals must be a necessary part of the business meeting, not a matter of personal convenience.

2. There is little time available for the meeting and to break would disrupt continuity of the meeting.

3. The meeting continues over the lunch period with discussions or speakers.

Expenses are not allowable when two or more employees from the same work location choose to go to lunch together to continue their business as an incidental part of the meal, or when the meeting could have been scheduled during regular working hours. (UCSC and UCOP entertainment policy)

When completing the entertainment form please be very specific:

Who: name and affiliation of those in attendance

What: type of meal, i.e. lunch

Where: location of the meeting

When: date of the meeting

Why: how this benefits the grant or university, describe the business purpose of the meeting.


Know exactly what forms you need? Here are links to all forms referenced in the guides in the payment/reimbursement section.

FAST/Accounts Payable

Financial Administrative Services and Transactions / Accounts Payable (FAST/AP) handles purchase related invoices and direct pays. If you have any questions related to your reimbursements or need clarification on guidelines related to Travel, Reimbursements, Entertainment and Relocation/Moving please contact your FAST representative. Contact information can be found at


The basic purpose of University purchasing policies and procedures is to support the teaching, research, and public service missions of the University in a cost-effective manner which best serves the interests of the people of the State of California.

The University is committed to maintaining high standards of performance based upon fair, ethical, and professional business practices. To further this, the University expects each University employee authorized to make purchases, to abide by the Purchasing Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Inventorial Equipment Overview and Guidelines Non-expendable personal property that has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, is free standing and complete in itself, does not lose its identity when affixed to or installed in other equipment, and has a normal life expectancy of one year or more; also referred to as a fixed asset or a capitalized asset; see also Equipment Administration. Tracking & Inventorial Guide

Development Office

The Baskin School of Engineering Development Office works in conjunction with alumni, corporations, foundations, and friends of the Baskin School of Engineering to secure external resources for the benefit of the school.

Alumni are a source of pride for the Baskin School of Engineering, not only in the level of personal and professional success they attain after graduation, but in the degree of support they offer toward the continuation of excellence at the college.

The development program supports the Baskin School's educational and research efforts through fundraising activities and by promoting relationships with our corporate partners.

Sponsored Projects

BSOE and UCSC offer support for finding, obtaining and managing funding in support of research and teaching. For details on support provided by the Grants Program Coordinator please go to /grant-support/general-information

For details on support provided by Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) please go to

BSOE Research Development Contact

  • Karen Ruhleder
    Research Development Specialist 
    Baskin Engineering, Room 325

OSP Contacts

Invention Disclosure


Quarterly Newsletter

Downloadable copies of the Business Office quarterly newsletter are located below. The most current newsletter is located at the top of the list.