Student Experience of Teaching Survey (SETs) (Formerly 'Teaching Evaluations')


Dates for Fall 2018:

OPEN: May 25, 2019 12:00AM
CLOSE: June 9, 2019 11:59PM

Communication from faculty to their students is of the utmost importance to increase student response rates.

Faculty can:

  1. Remind students of the deadline and importance of evaluations after each class
  2. Reinforce the message that instructors will NOT have access to individual responses
  3. Remind students that the responses will be used to improve future courses
  4. Help students understand how to give constructive criticism for valuable feedback that will be heard

Students will have a two-week window to complete online instructor evaluations.

An automated e-mail will be sent to all students enrolled in the course when the evaluations have opened with instructions on how to complete their Online Instructor Evaluations. An automated reminder e-mail will be received by students every other day until the evaluation is submitted or the evaluation period closes.


Please take the time to discuss Online SETs with your students. Educating students on the importance of the evaluations and encouraging them to participate is essential to the success of this process.


Accessing SETs via Biobibnet:

You may already be aware that from Fall 2013 forward you may review your SETs directly through the DivData Biobibnet portal. 

Use this link to Biobibnet:

Follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Biobibnet. You should land on your own Biobibnet profile.
  2. Click on the "Courses Taught" tab in the Biobibnet profile
  3. On the "Courses Taught" tab, find the links listed under the "Evaluations" column.
  4. Click on a link under the "Evaluations" column to view one set of evaluation data for a class. Each set corresponds to a single survey that was opened for that class. 

If you have not accessed your Biobibnet profile before:

1. If you need a DivData Account, you'll need to fill out an application form by clicking on the "NEW! Online Application" link on the following page:

2. If after successful entry into Biobibnet, you notice anomalies for your evaluations or, for example, you do not see your evaluation for your course send an email to:

For access to course evaluations prior to Fall 2013:

  1. Electronic copies of evaluations from Fall 2003-Fall 2013 can be requested by emailing Instructional Support
  2. Paper copies of course evaluations prior to Fall 2003 can be found in the E2-298 suite.  See the front desk for assistance.