Baskin Engineering Academic Personnel Office

The Baskin Engineering Academic Personnel (AP) Unit, in addition to providing staff support to the Dean in all aspects of Academic Personnel functions for the School, provides leadership, guidance, advice, and counsel to all members of the School of Engineering's academic population and those staff and administrators who play critical roles in these processes.

Information and Resources

Academic Personnel is governed by complex sets of policies and procedures at both the system-wide and campus-wide levels. The system-wide Academic Personnel Manual (APM) provides general guidance on policy relating to academic appointees.

UCSC's Campus Policies and Procedures Manual (CAPPM) provides more specific information, especially with regard to procedures, about our campus implementation of the systemwide policies.

The UCSC APO Office Web site is an excellent source for a variety of information. It includes many useful links to the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and other units.

Information and resources specific to the School of Engineering can be found at the Baskin Engineering AP web page.

Department Managers and Chairs/Unit Heads within the School are also excellent sources for any questions you may have.

Finally, the School of Engineering Academic Personnel staff are available to assist you.

  • For non-senate related questions, Wendy Alvarez can be reached at 831-459-5847,
  • For senate related questions, Terri Rock can be reached at 831-459-2263,, or drop by BE 321.