Course Approval Process

New courses, and revisions to existing courses must first be vetted by respective departments. Upon submission, they are then reviewed by Instructional Support, Department Chair, Divisional Analyst, Associate Dean, CEP/GC, and Registrar's office. Upon approval, you will notified by Instructional Support.These revisions must be submitted by the quarterly deadlines found on the Course Approval Calendar:

Below is a chart highlighting what forms are needed for each type of revision. The 'X's are hyperlinks that will redirect you to the appropriate form. Once you have completed out all necessary forms, please email them to

New Course
Approval Form
Course Approval
Syllabus Supplemental
Major Revision
Minor Revision
Undergraduate New Course* X** X X    
Undergraduate Major Revision*   X (suggested) X  
Undergraduate Minor Revision         X
Graduate New Course X** X X    
Graduate Major Revision   X (suggested) X X  
Graduate Minor Revision         X

* If you are requesting a prerequisite be fulfilled by a particular class, please additionally fill out the appropriate GE form. Only one GE can be applied to each course. Those forms can be found here:

**If you are proposing that your course require a prerequisite/co-requisite that is outside of your department, please also include a letter of support from the sponsoring department (forwarded/attached email is fine).

Forms MUST be submitted electronically.  Paper forms will NOT be accepted.

If you'd like to see the source of these forms, you can view them on the Registrar's Catalog and Course Approval page: