Course Approval Process

New courses, and revisions to existing courses must first be vetted by respective departments. Upon submission, they are then reviewed by Instructional Support, Department Chair, Divisional Analyst, Associate Dean, CEP/GC, and Registrar's office. Upon approval, you will notified by Instructional Support. These revisions must be submitted by the quarterly deadlines found on the Course Approval Calendar.

Instructions to submit a new course or revise an existing one:

  • Below are charts highlighting which forms are needed for each type of revision. The 'X's are hyperlinks that will direct you to the appropriate form. Forms must be submitted electronically. Form submission will automatically notify Instruct.
  • CCI Syllabus Requirements can be found here. Please visit TLC's syllabus design webpage here.
  • Access an editable syllabus template (for download) here.
  • Once prepared, syllabi will need to be emailed to:

CCI's most recent definitions and guidelines on syllabus creation for "hybrid", "synchronous online", and "asynchronous online" can be found here.


New Course Course Approval
Syllabus Supplemental
Undergraduate New Course* X X X
Graduate New Course X X X

* If you are proposing that a General Education (GE) requirement be fulfilled by a particular class (undergrad only), please additionally fill out the appropriate GE form. Only one GE can be applied to each course. Those forms can be found here: Completed GE forms are sent to Instruct.

**If you are proposing that your course require a prerequisite/co-requisite that is outside of your department, please also email Instruct a letter of support from the sponsoring department (forwarded/attached email is fine).

If your new course include any aspect of online modality, you will need to submit the appropriate revision form below in addition to what is indicated above.


Revisions Syllabus Form
General revision (in-person)* X X
Hybrid X X
Synchronous Online X X
Asynchronous Online X X


Revisions Syllabus Form
General revision (in-person) X X
Hybrid X X
Synchronous Online X X
Asynchronous Online X X

Online definitions:

  1. Hybrid: 50% of class time includes required face-to-face interaction between the instructor and students, but may occasionally use Zoom or other video-conferencing technologies; Midterm or final exams are typically administered using the in-person component
  2. Synchronous Online: Lectures require synchronous face to face time online; associated activities can be mixed
  3. Asynchronous Online: synonymous with "fully online"; students go at own pace; most material is pre-recorded; little to no real time interaction with instructor