Reader and Tutor Hiring

Reader and Tutor Employees

Readers and Tutors are hired on a quarterly basis.  The quarterly call to hire readers and tutors is sent by the BSOE Payroll Analyst to instructors, approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of the quarter.  

General Definitions

Readers: Grade student work including homework, papers, laboratory reports, and exams; attend lecture or labs; meet with supervisor (instructor).  Readers cannot tutor or lead classroom activities.

Tutors (Individual and Group): Available at established times for tutorial sessions; attend lectures or labs; meet with supervisor (instructor).  Tutoring sessions may involve assisting students with: understanding course concepts; developing study strategies and methods for independent work; developing writing and critical thinking skills through reviewing; commenting on and discussing student work including homework and papers; preparing for exams.  

Individual Tutors: Available at established times for one-on-one tutorial sessions.

Group Tutors: Available at established times for group tutorial sessions.

Tutors should not be assigned or be expected to perform, nor should perform, the duties of a Teaching Assistant such as: holding mandatory discussion sections; being responsible for grade recommendations of students enrolled in the class; providing direct instruction (e.g., delivering lectures or conducting substantive discussion sections).

Start Dates and Hours Thresholds

Readers and Tutors may NOT begin work until the appointment is formally offered and accepted via the RTA system and all necessary payroll paperwork is completed.

Readers and Tutors cannot begin working prior to the quarter start.

Students cannot work more than 220 hours per quarter, 20 hours per week, or 8 hours per day, all campus jobs combined, during the academic year. 

reader/tutor hiring process

- Instructor responds to the call, making the request for reader/tutor support, providing the details to the BSOE Payroll Analyst as outlined in the call.

- The BSOE Payroll Analyst reviews the request for reader/tutor support, in collaboration with the Department Manager; sends the approval of the allocation and details regarding student hiring to the instructor.  The course will NOT be available to receive applications until this step is completed.

- Instructor directs interested students to apply in the Reader Tutor Application (RTA) system.  Instructor reviews applications in the RTA System, allocating hours to students they wish to hire. The BSOE Payroll Analyst reviews student applications that have received an allocation from Faculty, approving and/or collaborating with Faculty as needed regarding the allocations.

Important Note: The RTA is an open application system.  You may receive applications from students you are not familiar with.  Please consider all applications for employment.  

- The student accepts appointment offer via the RTA system.  The student is required to complete payroll paperwork prior to working. New applications are required each quarter.

RTA System (Access using CruzID and Blue Password)

- Student applies to the RTA system. Separate applications are made for each appointment type: Reader, Individual Tutor, Group Tutor.  

- Instructor of record receives an email alert that a new application has been submitted.

- To review applications, instructor logs on to the RTA system. For easier application review, use the Search (filtered) feature in the RTA system. 

- If you wish to hire a student, allocate the number of hours you project they will work FOR THE ENTIRE QUARTER and complete the brief description of duties form. 

- The BSOE Payroll Analyst will receive an alert that an application is ready for review.  All applications are subject to necessary review, and authorization by the BSOE Payroll Analyst. Submitted applications are not a guarantee of appointment.  The BSOE Payroll Analyst will review the application. Upon approval, the student will receive the job offer via RTA system email. 

- The student is required to formally accept the appointment offer via the RTA system and complete all payroll paperwork prior to working. 

Finding a Suitable Reader/Tutor

If you're unable to find a Reader/Tutor for your course, you may submit a request to the UGrad Newsletter using your CruzID. 

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Tutors

MEP Tutor Positions are available each quarter for qualified tutors in support of the MEP tutorial services.  Please contact the MEP Program Director for additional information.