Reader and Tutor Hiring

The Baskin Engineering Academic Payroll Team sends the quarterly call to hire readers and tutors to instructors about 4 weeks before the start of the quarter. 

REMINDER: Reader and Tutor job duties cannot be combined into one job. You must hire for each job title individually. Readers/Tutors cannot Proctor unless hired to the Proctor job title. Click here for more information.

General Job Descriptions

  • Readers: Grade student work, including homework, papers, laboratory reports, and exams; attend lectures or labs; meet with supervisor (instructor).  Readers cannot tutor or lead classroom activities.
  • Tutors (Individual and Group): Are available at established times for tutorial sessions; attend lectures or labs; meet with supervisor (instructor).  Tutoring sessions may involve assisting students with understanding course concepts; developing study strategies and methods for independent work; developing writing and critical thinking skills through reviewing; commenting on and discussing student work including homework and papers; preparing for exams. Tutors should not be assigned or be expected to perform, nor should perform, the duties of a Teaching Assistant such as: holding mandatory discussion sections; being responsible for grade recommendations of students enrolled in the class; providing direct instruction (e.g., delivering lectures or conducting substantive discussion sections).
    • Individual Tutors: Are available at established times for one-on-one tutorial sessions.
    • Group Tutors: Are available at established times for group tutorial sessions.
  • Readers and Tutors cannot begin working before the quarter start date and until the appointment is formally offered and accepted or before completing all necessary employment paperwork.

Steps for the Instructor

  • When you receive the hiring call, look for the total hours allocated to your course for the quarter.
  • To determine appropriate course support, carefully review the job descriptions for Reader, Individual Tutor, and Group Tutor.
  • Log in to BE's Reader Tutor Application (RTA) system using your CruzID and Gold password. 
  • Complete the allocation table by entering the hours you estimate needing in each hiring category and submit.
    • IMPORTANT: Students cannot apply until you submit the allocation table. 
  • Direct students to apply the Reader Tutor Application (RTA) system. Consider advertising your job in the Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Newsletter
  • When a student applies for your course, you will receive an email notification. 
  • Review the qualifications and availability of the applicants. You may receive applications from unfamiliar students. Please consider all employment applications. 
  • Allocate the total number of hours you would like the student to work for the entire quarter.  Allocating hours to the student is not a guarantee of employment.

Steps for the Student Applicant

  • Log in to the Reader Tutor Application (RTA) system using your CruzID and Blue password.
  • Submit your application. You will receive an email confirming that you have applied. An application is not a guarantee of employment.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a formal offer of employment via email. You must accept the official offer in the RTA system within two days.
  • After accepting the offer, you will receive an acknowledgment notice with instructions to complete employment paperwork.
  • You are not permitted to begin working before completing the required employment forms and work authorization documents.

Steps for Academic Payroll

  • Reviews student applications with an allocation of hours from the instructor.
  • Approves the application when appropriate.
  • Sends instructions to the students to initiate remote onboarding. 
  • Completes the hiring transaction in the payroll system UCPath once the student completes their employment documents.

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) Tutors

MEP Tutor Positions are available each quarter for qualified tutors in support of the MEP tutorial services.  Please contact the MEP Program Director for additional information.