Outdoor Event Space Request

Event Information
An event description is needed for our records and will allow us to process your request as efficiently as possible. These spaces are designated as research spaces, and we are required to demonstrate usage that is consistent with that designation to UCOP.
Additional Dates
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Will the event be catered?

Please note that food and beverages are NOT allowed any BSOE space. However, we do allow food and beverage to be served in the lobby and the areas directly outside of the spaces.
Room Preference
Plaza area between 1st floor of E2 & JBEB
Plaza area between E2 and Engineering Auditorium
Outdoor patio area on the 2nd floor of E2 near Engineering Circle Stairs to E2
Long partially-covered patio/walkway along the 2nd floor of E2 windows
Open courtyard on the east end of JBEB outside the Game Design Labs
Note: If your group has under 10 attendees you will be defaulted to the smallest accommodating room.
Contact Information
There must be a sponsor/advisor faculty or staff member to reserve a room.

Terms of agreement

I understand that the following room use must be maintained. If not followed, myself/the event host will be held responsible and access may be restricted. If the space is left in a state that requires facilities to reorganize furniture, clean the space, or remove excessive trash, we will request your FOAPAL which may be charged at a rate equivalent with Moving Services ($116/hr).

  • Room occupancies may not be exceeded
  • You may not utilize the space outside of the time that you reserved it
  • Wipe off whiteboards
  • No food allowed. If you do bring food in - you are responsible for thoroughly cleaning after (including vacuuming crumbs and wiping down tables with cleaning wipes)
  • Put all chairs back
  • Clear off tables
  • Put all electronics away
  • Remove all excessive trash
  • Turn off the lights
  • Report any damages
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