Office Hours/Absence from Teaching




Office Hours

Faculty, lecturers and TAs should hold office hours to answer students’ questions, preferably at least 2-4 hours a week. To update your office hours, please visit at your convenience. A list of faculty office hours will automatically post on the SOE web page, If you cannot be present during office hours, it is advised to place a note on your door and/or email to post signage for you.

Absence from Teaching

Faculty informs their Department Chair and Department Manager of any absences and faculty are responsible for arranging for a substitute instructor. Email with the name of the substitute instructor for informational purposes in case questions arise.

Use the following procedure to cancel a class:

  1. Faculty informs their students by email and also lists on their class web page of all class cancellations. 
  2. Notify Instructional Support at with the date of the class cancellation and if a makeup class should be rescheduled. This is critical for distance learning classes. Instructional support will post signage at the classroom.           
  3. Notify the Undergraduate or Graduate Office if you plan to be absent so that they can answer any questions from students.