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Events Center

(previously the Similarium) 

100 chairs, extra standing room

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3 Projectors, Document Camera, Laptop Hook-up, Resident PC, 2 Lecturer Microphones, Whiteboard

(831) Not-AVAIL

(use Zoom)

C-Cure System

Internet and power outlets at every seat. Capable of recording video/audio for video conferencing and web broadcasts. No food or drink allowed.

**This room is not available for student use.


E2-506 Conference Room 24 chairs with 4 rows of long tables. Extra standing room and 10 chairs  

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2 Whiteboards, 1 Dual Display DTEN      
E2-553 Redwood Room 10 chairs at a conference table. 6 extra

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1 Single Display DTEN, Phone      
E2-556 Telepresence Meeting Room 14 chairs at conference table   1 Dual Display DTEN, CISCO Teleconnect Workflow (conference webcam)     **Use of this room is reserved for meetings related to Senior Design Projects. Reservation requests from Senior Design instructors, TAs, and students only via this form.

Inquiries related to the use of E2-599 can be sent to