Copier Services


Accessing Copy Machines


How do I access the copy machines?

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn the copier on and touch the touchscreen
  2. Username = your CruzID (This is the first part of your UCSC email before the @ sign:
  3. Password = last 4 digits of your employee ID number ( or see Payroll)
  4. Select the FOAPAL or Charge Method you'd like to use to charge your job.


Where are copiers located?‬

There are copiers located in the Engineering 2 building, rooms 210, 298F (copy cards can be used on this machine) and 390. For more information on Baskin Engineering printers and copiers, please see Computer Support:


Ordering Copies


How do I order copies?

Ordering copies has never been easier. For copy jobs, including academic copies like syllabi, quizzes, exam, flyers, and handouts, email with a file to be printed (PDFs preferred) and the details of the job. Fill out the form found on Copy Center's website, and save and attach it along with your order:

For course readers and copyright clearance, please use

Note: For the FOPAL, please contact your department manager.

‬For more information:

‬Normally, the copy center will send completed copies of tests to E2-298, unless otherwise specified. You will receive an email upon delivery and copies will be held at the front desk for pick up.


What are the deadlines for ordering copies of course readers, lab manuals and workbooks?

Please see the following link for submission deadlines:


Copy Cards


Are copy cards still available?

Yes, however you are strongly encouraged to access the copier by using your CruzID if possible. If you are unable to access the copier, copy cards are available at the front desk in E2-298. Before using a card, the card number, person using the card, and date and time must be recorded on the sign-out sheet. These cards can be used with the copier/scanner in E2-298F. The card is to be returned and signed-in as soon as you have finished using the card. Lost cards are charged against your FOAPAL. If you need a copy card designated for your research, please contact your assigned research accountant.


How do my teaching assistants make copies for my class?

For large print jobs, please have your TAs go through the Copy Center. They can contact them on your behalf. If you’d like your TA to make a small number of copies for your class, have them come to the front desk at E2-298 for a copy card. These cards can be used with the copier/scanner in E2-298F.