Academic Misconduct

I caught a student cheating. What do I do?

Please see the following link on how to handle Academic Misconduct:  https://ue.ucsc.edu/academic-misconduct.html 

To submit a report of academic misconduct, please fill out the following form: https://ucsc-advocate.symplicity.com/public_report/index.php/pid437101?

This form should be completed and signed by the student and instructor and forwarded to the Provost of the student’s college along with copies of evidence.

Bio-bibliography (CV)

How do I update my bio-bibliography?

All Senate and non-Senate faculty at UCSC are required to keep their bio-bibliography (CV) up to date. An updated bio-bibliography is a key component of all faculty personnel reviews. Bio-bibliographies can now be updated online through BiobibNet.

Please see the following link for instructions:  


For campus guidelines on bio-bibliographies please see: 


For information on accessing your evaluations for your bio-bibliography please see:


Campus Directory

How do I get listed on the UCSC directory?

Faculty must list their contact information on the UCSC Campus Directory. To add or update your information, please use the online Campus Directory at:


Class Roster

How do I access my class roster?

To access your class roster, please follow the directions shown on the following webpage: 


I can't access my class roster for my Independent Studies course.  What's going on?

For all independent study, thesis, and research courses, students must fill out the appropriate forms which can be found at the Undergraduate (or Graduate) Advising office.  After completing the forms and having them signed by the appropriate instructors, students should drop these off at the Undergraduate  (or Graduate) Advising office and obtain a call number that will enable them to enroll in the course.  Once students are enrolled, you will be able to access your roster.

How do I administratively delete a student from my class?

Only students who do not attend the first class meeting or students who don't meet prerequisites* should be deleted administratively. To remove a student from a class, fax (9-5051), e-mail (registrar@ucsc.edu), or send via campus mail one of the following:

1) List of students to be deleted, including students’ first and last name, student ID number, course ID (WRIT 2) and course number (32579); or

2) Annotate "admin delete" on the class roster next to the name of the student(s) who did not attend the first class meeting, or who did not meet class prerequisites. Please send as soon as possible after the first class meeting or no later than the first week of instruction. *Students are automatically dropped for failed prerequisites prior to the start of instruction. If a grade roster or change is entered after the start of instruction, a student who does not meet prerequisite must be deleted manually.

Course Webpages

How do I access my course webpage?

You can access and build your course webpage by logging onto the following website:  https://courses.soe.ucsc.edu/user/login?destination=courses

For additional information please see: https://support.soe.ucsc.edu/web/class

I don't have access to my course.  How do I get assigned to the course I'm teaching?

Email instruct@rt.soe.ucsc.edu and let us know which course you should be assigned to.


What is the University's policy regarding retention of unclaimed completed student work, such as homework and exams?

There is no official policy regarding the retention of completed student work. It is recommended that an instructor holds unclaimed course work, such as exams, for an entire academic year. At the end of that time, please be sure to shred any remaining course work. There is a secure shred bin in E2-298 where such documents can be dropped off.

How do I change a grade in AIS?

For questions concerning grading, please refer to the following link:    http://registrar.ucsc.edu/faqs/faculty/grading/index.html

Key Access

How do I obtain key access to a conference room, lab or office?

All key access is handled by facilitites.  Please follow the directions outlined on the following link to request key access:



Where are packages delivered?

All packages are delivered to Baskin Engineering, Room 40, the receiving area.

How do I collect my mail?

All School of Engineering faculty, staff and visitors have an assigned mailbox located in E2 210 or E2 310. Pick up and delivery of U.S. mail and on-campus mail occurs by approximately 11:00 a.m. Monday-Thursday. There are two mail bags, the burgundy colored bag is for on-campus mailings and the blue colored bag is for off-campus mailings. The mail stop name is ―SOE 2 or ―SOE 3 and should be written on all incoming and outgoing mail. Room and building numbers are not used. It is important that you use the correct mail stop when sending mail on campus. You can use the UCSC SlugMail locator to search for a specific name or mail stop: https://basx.ucsc.edu/cms/locator.php

Please note- for any USPS mail that requires a signature (i.e. certified mail) you will be emailed and these items will need to be picked up in E2-298.

Media Codes

How do I obtain media codes for my classroom?

Classroom media access codes are emailed to all listed instructors 1-2 weeks before the start of classes. If you have not received your code by two days before the start of the quarter, please fill out the following form and the media code will be emailed to you: https://ucsc.service-now.com/navpage.do/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0018077 or you can contact:  Learning Technologies: Phone: (831) 459-2117; email: media@ucsc.edu

Do I need a media code if I'm teaching in E2-180 (Simularium)?

No, there is no media code needed to access the AV equipment in E2-180.  If you need any technical assistance for any CITRIS controlled rooms, please contact citris-request@rt.soe.ucsc.edu

How do I request to have my class recorded?

Faculty can submit requests through the webcast request form here: https://webcastscheduler.ucsc.edu/login

To request lecture capture, you must log in with your Gold ID.

General information about this service is available here:  https://its.ucsc.edu/lecture-capture/index.html

Why does my Silicon Valley undergraduate course have enrollment set at 0?

If you are telecasting an undergraduate course, please note that the enrollment for the Silicon Valley section of this course will be set to 0 and students can only enroll by permission code only. There have been issues in the past with undergraduate students signing up for the SVC section, not realizing these sections are in SVC, so we want to avoid this problem.

I am currently telecasting my course, but will not be needing video conference equipment for a single class- who should I inform?

If you currently are telecasting your course and will not be needing video conference equipment for a single class (i.e. during a midterm) please be sure to email instruct@rt.soe.ucsc.edu at least 2 days in advance, so we can inform the distance learning group.

Ordering Materials

How do I order textbooks? 

Faculty can submit their orders through the Course Materials Website, https://ucsc.textbookx.com/, using their CruzID, for a personalized experience. If there is an issue accessing your courses or submitting your textbook information, you can send an email to txtbooks@ucsc.edu or call 831-459-1333, for assistance. For more detailed instructions on how to use the Adoption Portal, please visit the Faculty/Staff Resource page at https://slugstore.ucsc.edu/faculty-staff-course-materials. To order desk copies, please contact the publisher directly.

How do I reserve books?

McHenry Library and the Science Library will be happy to place books on reserve for your class. Normally information is due about two months before classes begin. To reserve books from the library, please call x9- 3266 or visit https://guides.library.ucsc.edu/reserves/instructors

How do I order iClickers for my class?

Please see the following link for more information regarding iClickers:  http://its.ucsc.edu/iclickers/

How do I order business cards?

To order business cards, please see the following link below:  http://campuslifeservices.ucsf.edu/ucprint/

* Please note- your department manager is your "Fund Approver".


How are paychecks distributed? When is my Pay date?

Please visit Baskin Engineering Payroll Unit Paycheck Information web page for details on pay dates, paycheck distribution, direct deposit, taxes, and more.

Permission Codes

What can a class permission number override?

A class permission number overrides course restrictions/prerequisites and/or overrides the closed (full) status of a class.

What can't a class permission number override?

Class permission numbers cannot override time conflicts, maximum allowed units, holds, or a closed (full) discussion section.

How do permission codes work with courses with wait lists?

During the wait list period, instructors are encouraged to give permission codes to students who they feel are qualified to take their course, but do not meet prerequisites.  A permission code that overrides prerequisites will only allow a student to get on a wait list if a course is full.  It does NOT allow a student to jump in front of others on the wait list.  Instructors are DISCOURAGED from using permission codes that override course capacity and therefore, must receive department approval for this.  If you give a student a permission code, you must be clear to the student about what it will do.  

How do permission codes work with courses not "wait list-eligible"?

Instructors of courses which are not "wait-list eligible" can, upon request, be issued permission codes that override both unmet pre-requisites and class capacity as before. However, to increase class capacity, instructors must first receive approval from their Department Chair, since additional resources (TAs, readers, etc.) and/or larger classrooms may not be available. 

How do permission codes work for lectures with credit bearing labs?

If a permission code is needed to override pre-requisites, the student will need permission codes for both the lecture and lab.  If a permission code is needed to override a closed lecture, but there are still open lab sections- students will be able to enroll in any open lab without a permission code once they use the code to enroll in the closed lecture.  

How do I request permission codes?

Email instruct@rt.soe.ucsc.edu to request permission codes.  Please note- If you intend to go over your projected enrollment, instructors must first receive approval from their Department Chair, since additional resources (TAs, readers, etc.) and/or larger classrooms may not be available. 

Can permission codes override time conflicts?

No, permission codes cannot override time conflicts.  Instruct your student to try and resolve the problem by swapping into a different secondary lab, section, etc. offered at a different time.  If this is not possible, upon your approval, issue the student a permission code and have the student contact the Office of the Registrar at (831) 459-4412 directly, with the permission code, explaning the situation. They can override any time conflict a student has if they let them know they have worked it out with the instructor and have been issued a permission code.

Will permission codes allow Silicon Valley Extension students to enroll in my UCSC course? 

No, permission codes will not allow Silicon Valley Extension students to enroll.  Extension students must use Open Campus to enroll in UCSC courses.  For detailed information, please see: http://www.ucsc-extension.edu/content/open-campus-0.



Who should I contact if I have questions concerning hiring a tutor or reader?

Please visit Baskin Engineering Payroll Unit Student Hiring Information web page for information on academic student hiring.

Visitor Parking

How to do I get a parking permit for a department visitor?

Email instruct@rt.soe.ucsc.edu with the following information:  1) Guest name, 2) Arrival Date and 3) Department.  It is best to email at least 3 days in advance to ensure the parking permit will be reserved.

UCSC Account Disabled

I tried to log into my UCSC email account and it says it's been disabled.  What do I do?

If you have separated from UCSC and are returning for a reappointment, your CruzID/@ucsc email account may be disabled.  It will be activated shortly after your appointment payroll start date.  If you require access prior to your appointment start date, please contact your Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst to request a Sundry Account on your behalf.