Student Positions

General Information

Jobs and internships for Baskin Engineering students and graduates are available through the UCSC Career Center.

These opportunities include:

  • Career positions
  • Student part-time & full-time on- and off- campus jobs
  • Internships
  • On Campus Interviews (OCI)
  • Job and internship fairs

Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions

TA's are hired on a quarterly basis.  The TA hiring process is facilitated by BSOE Graduate Affairs in collaboration with the Graduate Directors.

More information is located on their TA Information webpage.  

Please contact your Graduate Director and/or Graduate Advisor with any questions.

Reader and Tutor Positions

Readers and Tutors are hired on a quarterly basis, facilitated by the BSOE Payroll Unit in collaboration with faculty.  Please visit their Student Hiring webpage for further details.

MEP Tutor Positions are available each quarter for qualified tutors in support of the MEP (Multicultural Engineering Participation) Program tutorial services.  Please contact the MEP Program Director for further details.

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Positions

GSRs are hired on a quarterly basis, facilitated by the BSOE Payroll Unit in collaboration with the faculty.  Please visit their Student Hiring webpage for further details.