Graduate Student Researcher Hiring Requests

The Baskin Engineering academic payroll team sends the hiring request call to faculty about 8 weeks before the start of each quarter. The deadline for faculty to respond to the call is about 4 weeks before the start of the quarter.  

Please discuss your preliminary GSR support decisions with your graduate students. They do not receive formal letters of employment for GSR appointments. 

Students are not permitted to begin working before completing the required payroll forms and work authorization documents (see Step 3 below).

Be advised that the Baskin Engineering graduate advising team concurrently facilitates TA assignments.  Removing just one TA from the pool for a GSR appointment can result in critical gaps in TA coverage. Please visit the Graduate Affairs website for TA deadlines and other details. 

Step 1: Principal Investigators (PI)

  • The hiring request call directs you to log in to your @ucsc Google account, navigate to Google Shared Drives > BSOE GSR Requests > select the folder with your last name.
  • Open up the sheet in your folder, click on the tab that corresponds with the quarter - fall, winter, or spring. The names of the GSRs you supported in the previous quarter, if any, are on the sheet.
  • Verify the students you wish to rehire/continue by selecting yes/no and completing the percent time, period of support, funding account number, and Tier 1 budget approval cells.
  • Add any NEW students you wish to hire to the sheet.
  • Detailed instructions are available on your GSR Hiring Request sheet.
  • Direct your funding questions to your Research Analyst.

Step 2: Research Analysts

  • Review the GSR request(s) for your PI, consult with them as needed, and complete the Tier 2 budget approval cells.

Step 3: Academic Payroll

  • Sends instructions to the students to initiate remote on-boarding. 
  • Students are not permitted to begin working before completing the required payroll forms and work-authorization documents.
  • Creates/updates a position in UCPath in the Position Management module.
  • Completes Smart HR template transaction hire or PayPath re-hire once student completes their payroll documents.