Super Slug Award

Super Slug

The Baskin Engineering is excited to announce we are continuing the Baskin Engineering SUPER SLUG award program designed to celebrate the excellent contributions throughout the academic year. From September 23, 2023-June 24,2024, any Baskin Engineering academic or staff employee may acknowledge any other Baskin Engineering academic or staff employee (sorry – student employees are not eligible) for going "above and beyond." The nominee will receive a $25 gift card and certificate. 

Here’s how to do it. Go to the web form below on this page. You will enter the name of the nominee, your name as nominator, and a brief (3-5 sentences) justification. Maria Walker, the Staff HR Coordinator, will receive the form and process it within a week.

There are a couple of simple rules:

1. While one person may receive multiple nominations per quarter, only 1 gift card/award per person per quarter will be awarded. Multiple nominations will be acknowledged with a certificate.

Per UC BFB-G-41, there is a limit of 3 non-cash awards per calendar year and the total must not exceed $75 in order to not be taxable to the employee.

2. Supervisors may not be nominated by their staff; however, staff can use the campus wide, year 'round Thumbs Up award recognition program to nominate their supervisor:

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