Payroll FAQs





My address has changed. How do I update my mailing address? 

Log into your UCPath dashboard to update your address.  

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I have questions regarding my payroll benefits.  Who do I contact?

Visit the UCSC Benefits web page for information on benefits.  

Visit the Garnett-Powers Postdoctoral Scholars Benefits website for information on Postdoctoral benefits.

Login to Fidelity's NetBenefits® to view UC Retirement Savings Program information and for online services.

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The Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst said that I don't qualify for benefits during my payroll on-boarding, but I am a graduate student.  Why is this?

UC Student Health Insurance (UC SHIP)/Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHIP) is separate from payroll benefits coverage.  Even though your appointment does not qualify for payroll benefits coverage, you will still receive/are still eligible for your student-related health insurance benefits.

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What is a CruzID for and how do I get one?  How do I get an @ucsc email?

Your CruzID gives you access to campus services and systems and is also your @ucsc email (e.g., if bananaslug is the CruzID; is the email).  Your Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst sends in the CruzID Account Request form after your payroll on-board appointment.  

You will receive an email with instructions on how to claim and activate your CruzID and set up your Blue and Gold passwords.

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What is CruzPay? How do I know if I am required to complete a timesheet? Why am I getting reminders to submit a timesheet?

CruzPay is UCSC’s online time reporting system.  Information about your CruzPay account will be sent to your email if you are required to submit a timesheet.

Please go to the Baskin Engineering Payroll CruzPay - Online Time Reporting web page for further details such as what to report on your timesheet when to submit your timesheet, automated reminders, CruzPay Quick Start Guides, and more.

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How do I sign up for payroll direct deposit?

Log in to your UCPath dashboard and navigate to the Income and Taxes section. 

Other helpful links: Your Pay in PathFirst Time in Path, and Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do I get my employee ID number and my employee ID card? What is my employee ID number or card for?

Log on to your UCPath dashboard to find your new employee identification (ID) number located directly below your name on the top left side of the screen. The employee ID number is used to access the campus copier/printer/scanner machines.

Your Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst sends the request for your new employee photo ID card (non-student employees only) after you complete your employment paperwork. Your employee ID number and instructions on how to get your employee photo ID card are sent to you shortly thereafter. Use the employee ID card for identification and electronic key card access as appropriate.  

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I am a new lecturer/instructor/faculty member.  How do I copy materials for my course? How do I schedule a classroom or lab?  Where do I get office supplies? Can I get a projector for my class?  How do I manage waitlists?  What is DRC? Do I have a webpage for my course?

Please visit the Faculty Resources web pages for comprehensive information on all the above questions and much more!

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How do I get keys to my office?

To request office keys use the online key request system (CruzID required). 

Baskin Engineering Facilities provides many services.  Please visit the Facilities web pages for further information.

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How do I get my paycheck?  When do I get paid?

Log on to your UCPath dashboard or visit our Paycheck Information web page for details. 

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I am supposed to complete payroll paperwork for my new appointment.  How is this done?  

For academic student employees, group payroll sign-ups are held regularly just before and during the first couple weeks of the quarter.  Sign-up for an appointment via Baskin Engineering Payroll Group Sign-Ups.

For other non-student academic appointment types, please contact your Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst to arrange a time to complete your payroll paperwork.

IMPORTANT: There are strict deadlines to complete new payroll paperwork.  Please make an appointment to complete your payroll paperwork as soon as possible.

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How do I update my tax withholdings?  

The tax withholding allowance for ALL new hires defaults to "Single, 0", which represents unmarried with no dependents.  U.S. Citizen and Permanent Resident employees may update their tax withholding allowances on their UCPath dashboard

Non-U.S. Citizens will use GLACIER, a web-based Non-Resident Alien tax compliance system, which helps determine the correct tax rate. Your GLACIER account will be created and sent to you by your Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst upon the entry of your appointment into the payroll system.

I need to file a tax return. How do I file a tax return?   Where can I get my W-2?

The office of Global Engagement International Student and Scholar Services is an excellent resource for tax return information.  Please visit their Filing Taxes web page for help.  

Elect for electronic delivery of your W-2 as well as view and print your year-end W-2 on your UCPath dashboard

NOTE: 2019 W-2s will be available in late January via your At Your Service Online account.

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What is Glacier?

GLACIER is a secure, web-based Non-Resident Alien tax compliance system, which helps determine the correct tax rate. Your GLACIER account will be created and sent to you by your Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst upon the entry of your appointment into the payroll system.

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How do I get a parking permit or bus pass?  Are there any vanpools or carpools available?

Please visit the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) web pages for all available transportation options.

For parking permits and bus passes, your appointment letter is your confirmation and proof of employment. 

To contact TAPS: 831-459-2190, located in H Barn (map of location)

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How do I hire an academic student employee such as a TA, Reader, Tutor, or GSR?

Please visit the Payroll Student Hiring Information for Faculty web page for comprehensive information on student hiring.

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I am a Foreign Scholar/Foreign Student who has recently arrived at UCSC or is new to the payroll system.  My Baskin Engineering Payroll Analyst told me I need to get a social security number.  How do I get a social security number?

Please visit the International Education Office web pages for details on when and how to apply for your social security number.


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How do I get campus library access? 

Effective Sept 18, 2017, you can connect to library resources using your CruzID and Gold password. 

Please contact the ITS Support Center if you need assistance or have questions. 

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