Grant Support - General Information

Where to get support

BSOE and UCSC offer a variety of services for finding, obtaining and managing funding in support of research and teaching. These services fall into two categories: pre-award and post-award. Pre-award services include support such as individualized funding opportunity searches and proposal preparation support. Post-award services include xxx (research analysts plus what Sandy does).

Grants Program Coordinator

Karyn Skemp

Type of support:

  • New grant notifications
  • Funding opportunity searches
  • Assist with proposal writing best practices
  • Proposal preparation support
      • Obtain proposal requirement and instructions
      • Download applications
      • Conduct background research on recently funded projects
      • Schedule brainstorming sessions or kickoff meetings for multi-collaborator proposals
      • Prepare proposal outline based on required content
      • Create templates (e.g., for biographical sketches)
      • Prepare proposal schedule with milestones
      • Manage multi-investigator proposal schedules to ensure milestones are met
      • Proofread, edit, rewrite, consolidate proposal pieces
      • Format final proposal

Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)

Deirdre Beach, Proposal Specialist (pre-award support)
Sandy Holeman, Contract and Grant Officer (post-award support)

General information here about the OSP Office and how new faculty should expect to interact with Deirdre and Sandy.

BSOE Development Office

Steve Bourdow, Director of Development
Stephanie Wallace, Alumni Relations

General information here about the BSOE Dev Office and how new faculty might expect to interact with this office.

Forms for Grant Preparation

Proposal questionnaire

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